Podcast as word was first introduced by Ben Hammersley, in a 2004 Guardian newspaper article in which he rattled off possible names for his booming new medium. Τhe ‘Pod’ of Podcast is borrowed from Apple’s iPod digital media player while the ‘Cast’ portion, out of Radio’s ‘Broadcast’ term.

We at NetCastZone deliver content and human stories that one cannot consume on TV, radio or any other offline medium. Our mission is to reveal the untold stories of our peers, stories that might impact individuals, inspire and give value. The content is uncensored, unbiased, out of a political line based on the freedom of speech with the desire to connect the viewer or listener with the other side with it. Our vision is to broad the ‘Podcast’ zone into a variety of content with context and provide knowledge, inspiration, promotion of value and blueprints of success and failure.


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